Ranking the Five Most Underrated NBA Rookies

Every year, there are rookies that slip draft spots, go un-drafted, and receive no hype whatsoever, and get the ‘bust’ label thrown at them. It’s unfair and ignorant to exact like a player is already a bust before even stepping onto the NBA pre-season stage. Here are five rookies that everyone is already underrating and over looking.

#5 Chris McCullough, Brooklyn Nets

Getty Images
Getty Images

McClullough was projected to be a lottery-pick before tearing his ACL in his freshman season at Syracuse where he averaged 9.3 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks. In an interview with Nets Daily News, McCullough provided what he can do in the NBA, and who he sees his game to be molded after.

 “I think that a lot of my skills transfer to the NBA,” McCullough said. “I can run the floor, rebound, and have the size to be a good defender in the league. I can also shoot from long distance and have a solid face-up game. However, there are still aspects of my play that I can improve.

When Ravi Shah asked him who he resembled his game after, he said LaMarcus Aldridge. If McCullough recovers well from his torn ACL, he has the chance to become a steal for the Nets, especially taken with the second to last pick in the 1st round.

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