Report: Blake Griffin Initially Told DeAndre Jordan to Sign With the Mavericks

We all know what happened. DeAndre Jordan committed to signing with the Dallas Mavericks during the moratorium of NBA free agency. The moratorium is of course the time where free agents can only verbally agree to sign with teams. Deals can’t be official till 12:01 eastern time on July 8th.

With Jordan signing with the Mavericks, the Clippers were expected to be lost as the center position. With reports coming up about him and Chris Paul not seeing eye-to-eye, and Jordan tired of being a third wheel to Griffin and Paul, it seemed like he was gone. He called Doc Rivers to express that he was regretting his decision to commit to the Mavericks, and he also called Blake Griffin. Griffin actually told him something you wouldn’t expect.

Per Ramona Shelburne and Tim MacMahon of ESPN:

Jordan had called Griffin on Monday to say he was having serious misgivings about his decision. He had built a life in Los Angeles. Why was he leaving? Had he just gotten caught up in the frenzy of the recruiting process? Did he really want to be the face of a franchise? Griffin told Jordan he had made a commitment and needed to live up to it. They’d still be friends, regardless of whether they were teammates. But Jordan seemed troubled. Griffin told him he needed to call Rivers if he really wanted to revisit his decision.


So, Blake Griffin might’ve just saved the Clippers from falling out of the contenders title in the NBA by telling Jordan to call Rivers. Remember, Griffin isn’t an interior designer.

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