Report: Emmanuel Mudiay ‘relieved’ Knicks Passed on Him

Denver Nuggets rookie point guard Emmanuel Mudiay was projected to go by many to the New York Knicks at number four, as Mudiay said he believed Knicks president Phil Jackson could turn him into a start point guard in the NBA. Things may have changed since, as Mudiay was reportedly un-sure if he could be good in the Knicks triangle offense.

Per Marc Berman of the New York Post:

Nuggets rookie point guard Emmanuel Mudiay told confidants after the draft he was, in retrospect, happy the Knicks passed on him at No. 4, as he was unsure he would have been a good fit for the triangle. Despite public comments to the contrary that he felt team president Phil Jackson could “make me a star,’’ Mudiay said he felt he was a better match in a more freewheeling Denver offense, according to sources.

The triangle offense relies on shooting point guards – which is something Mudiay needs to further develop. He has the athleticism and passing skills to be a carbon copy of Wizards guard John Wall. Mudiay averaged 12 points, 3.5 rebounds, 5.8 assists, and 1.2 steals per game during the Las Vegas Summer League. He shot 38.5% from the field and 14.3% from three.

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