This week is #FavreWeek as the Green Bay Packers are calling it on social media. Three days from now Favre will be getting inducted to the Packers Hall of Fame. We all remember the ugly break up that happened between Favre and the Packers, as he retired after the 2007 NFC Championship loss to the Giants. He then, said he wanted to comeback and play longer.

The Packers, who took Aaron Rodgers 24th overall in the 2005 NFL Draft after he was projected to go number one overall had been waiting behind Favre until he decided it was time to hang it up. The Packers told Favre they had already moved on, and they ended up trading so that he could go play for the Jets. He played with the New York Jets for one season, then he ended up playing for the Packers rival the Minnesota Vikings for two. That didn’t go over well for Packers fans, and it may haven’t have been so smooth if Favre reportedly received what he wanted. To play for the Chicago Bears.

Via Peter King of and Sports Illustrated:

[Favre] said he was thinking of asking for his release so he could play somewhere else. Chicago or Minnesota, maybe. I told him I didn’t think the Packers would release him so he could torment them from within the division.

Favre’s thought process at the time made sense, as the Bears were searching for a quarterback before they landed Jay Cutler.

Could you have imagined it though? Favre showing up to Lambeau Field with a Bears jersey on? I don’t even know if Favre would still be even thought of to get his number retired let alone getting inducted to the Packers Hall of Fame anytime soon.

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