Rick Carisle Tapes Mouth Shut to Avoid Criticizing Referees

After picking up a $25,000 dollar fine after the Mavericks 130-128 loss to the Houston Rockets in game 3, Mavericks head coach Rick Carisle decided that he won’t be giving the NBA extra money again. The following comments cost Carisle 25 grand after the game 3 loss.

“My hope is that in Game 4 –- the one play that’s kind of an image stuck in my mind, and I just looked at it six times on the film, is the first play of the fourth quarter,” Rick Carlisle said. “We’re scrambling like hell defensively, and Devin Harris is going to get the ball, and Dwight Howard throws him into our bench. He takes the ball, skips it over the top and Ariza gets a wide-open three.

“So, instead of us getting the ball, and a foul on Howard, it turns into essentially a 5-6 point swing. That stuff’s got to stop. The officials [have] got to get that stuff under control, because there’s too much physical stuff going on. Howard is throwing people all over the place. And that can’t happen in Game 4.”

The Mavericks won game four and Monta Ellis dropped 31 points. Carisle however was still un-happy with the officiating in the game, but didn’t want to have to pay another fine. That’s when he tapped his mouth shut during his post game press conference to avoid criticizing the referees.

Good choice, Rick Carisle.

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