Ricky Rubio Offered Contract by Timberwolves: Wants More Money

Ricky Rubio doesn’t think that the T-Wolves are giving him the money he thinks he’s worth and doesn’t like the money in his proposed extension as well. The Timberwolves have reportedly offered Ricky Rubio a contract that he would make 48 million on over the course of 4 years. Sean Deveney has the story from Sporting News:

Rubio has been after a five-year contract with the Timberwolves, and though he’d like that deal to be a max, there is no doubt Minnesota won’t go that high. In fact, while it has been reported that the two sides are far apart on a number, you can get a sense of just how far — league sources told Sporting News that the Timberwolves’ best offer thus far has been four years in the range of $48 million.


How much money is Ricky Rubio worth if it’s not 48 million dollars or less?


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