Ryan Lindley Named Cardinals Starting Quarterback

It’s next man up at the quarterback position for the Arizona Cardinals again this season. Lidlney, who has not started a game in two years will get his first start on Sunday night when the Cardinals take on the Seahawks. The Cardinals will be fighting for the number one seed against quite possibly the toughest team in the NFC that night, so it will be a big game if Lindley wants to showcase what he can do.

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians explain his reasoning for choosing Ryan Lindley over rookie quarterback Logan Thomas

“I think he’s a little bit more ready right now having been back in the system for a while,” Bruce said. “Like I said before, I think Logan’s going to be a great player. Sometimes you can put guys in positions to fail. I want him to succeed when he plays.

“I think Ryan gives us a great opportunity.”

Lindley was cut by the Cardinals on August 25th and then, after the injury to Carson Palmer happened in which Palmer tore his ACL, the Cardinals signed Lindley right back up. Bruce Arians wants to make sure Lindley has fun playing Sunday night, as well.

“Go sling it, baby,” Arians said he told Ryan Lindley. “Go have fun. You’re here for a reason.”

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