“Big Frank”. “Frank The Tank”. You could probably sit here and rattle off various nicknames for the Wisconsin Badgers star center, but that’s not what were going to do. While the college basketball season starts to wind down with teams going home in the tournament, and the games running out, people start to look forward to what player their NBA teams get. We’re here to help. So without further delaying, here’s our full scouting report on Wisconsin Frank Kaminsky.

Frank Kaminsky:

Height: 7’0

Weight: 234

Averages: 18.4 points, 8.1 rebounds, 2.7 assists


  • Outside Shooting

Kaminsky’s ability to knock down three pointers and deep shots is crucial for any NBA team that needs a big man that can shoot. Most NBA teams need a guy like Kaminsky to fit their offense. You could also play Frank at the four, which would stretch out the defense even more, making him match-up with a player that is more his size at the forward slot.

  • Ball Handling and Getting to the Basket

One thing that’s a very underrated aspect about Kaminsky’s game is his ability to penetrate to the hoop for layups and drawing contact. He also is better at handling the ball better than almost any center in college right now. Kaminsky may have to use the post more effectively in the NBA besides using it to get to the basket, but it’s for sure a strong suit in his game for sure.

  • Rebounding


This is something almost every seven foot guy can do, but we still have to showcase this as a strength before people think, “wait he can’t rebound?” Kaminsky has 12 double-doubles on the season, which are all off of points and rebounds. Kaminsky can battle anyone for a rebound down low, he just sometimes needs to get a head start on the opposition to rip down the board.

  • Passing
USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Frank the Tank can pass as well? Yes. Matter of fact, to show how good of a passer is take a look at this stat right here.

Wisconsin Badgers assists per game leaders:

Traevon Jackson: 2.9 assists

Frank Kaminsky: 2.7 assists

Josh Gasser: 1.7 assists

Kaminsky leads Josh Gasser, the Badgers shooting guard in assists per game this season, which showcases even more that Kaminsky is able to set up more teammates then guards, which is usually their job. Kaminsky has had a bunch of four plus assist games this season, with his season high being seven assists, as it looked like if he would’ve played more minutes, he could’ve had a triple double with the way he was scoring, rebounding, and dishing out the ball.


  • Athletic Ability


While Frank can raise high and throw down sick dunks, his athletic ability is still a weakness for him, as it is below the average that we see in the NBA, and it’s not his fault. You really are almost born with athletic ability, and Kaminsky didn’t get as much as ability that he may need in the NBA to be a great player in the league. You can work on improving it in some ways, but you can’t really make significant changes.

  • Strength

Kaminsky isn’t as big as some of the centers we see in the NBA and even college right now, but making that a quick easy fix is moving him to the forward spot. However, if a team is drafting Kaminsky as a center, they may want him to beef up a bit so he can use his strength even more, as he isn’t always able to use the strength the ways he could, like in the post. Which we will get into next.

  • All-Around Post Game


Kaminsky has a nice post game, but one thing that he will need to develop is using the post fade-away and not driving to the basket while using the post. Him learning a move like the post fade-away will be able to post up more match-up problems and give him a much larger role and impact he will have on what ever NBA team he falls on on Draft Day.

Draft Projection: Lottery/Late 1st round pick

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