Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Wants to be Paid Like a Free Agent

Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks are at war right now. The war is over Wilson’s contract, in which Wilson is on record for saying that he wants to be the highest paid player in the National Football League. The contract is expected to be worth 25 million per year, and according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Wilson wants to be paid like he is a free agent, as he told to Pro Football Live on Friday.

Wilson was originally the 76th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Seahawks, as we was expected to help back-up current Patriots back-up quarterback Matt Flynn, after the team signed Flynn to a three-year $26 million-dollar deal. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll made the bold move to start Wilson over Flynn, and it ended up paying big dividends for them.

It’s un-clear if Wilson will end up getting paid by the Seahawks or not, but contract talks between the two sides are expected to cut off when training camp begins for the Seahawks and resume some time during the season and next off-season. Wilson threw for 3,475 yards and 20 touchdowns for the Seahawks in 2014, and also ran for 6 touchdowns and 849 yards that same year.

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