South Florida Mindset Breaks Down NFL Free Agency Day 1

After what seemed like a deal filled with just huge trades (looking at you New Orleans) or big trade rumors (staring at you New Orleans), the NFL New Year’s day is almost complete. Now don’t get me wrong, the NFL was amazing today but it also came in the expense of many players. Here, let me review this in as little words as possible.

Lets start at the trades. After what seemed like ages of waiting, we got news of the New Orleans Saints trading maybe the best TE to brace the earth in the past 5 years, Jimmy Graham (and a 4th), to the Seattle Seahawks (yes, the same team that threw it) for center Max Unger and a 1st round pick (or maybe a glorified 2nd, don’t know yet). If that isn’t enough, the Eagles traded Nick Foles (or Sanchez’s back up last year) to the Rams for Sam Bradford and a 2015 fifth. Yep you heard that right, two teams traded proven, elite players for in some cases (or maybe just the Eagles case) an unproven players. I’ll give the Saints props on this trade though because Graham isn’t the GOAT at tight end (or is he?).

On the other side of the spectrum, the AFC East overspending(?) kept happening. From the Buster Skrine ($25M over 4 years) to the Ndamukong Suh (6 years, $114M) every team (except maybe the Patriots) wanted their hands on the next free agent (which could be overpaid, who knows?). Oh yeah, Darelle Revis also signed with New York (welcome home?) for a

Lets end this the most chaotic thing yet, “free” agency. Free agency was the furthest from free with players like Andre Johnson and Frank Gore (both Colts) and Brandon Maxwell (for $10 million a year) to the Eagles (isn’t Chip Kelly having fun!). Honestly, I don’t want today to end.

Lets just hope that the NFL’s version of musical chairs will calm down before the team owners turn this into a fantasy draft.


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