Speedy 2B Dee Gordon Agrees to Extension With Marlins

Miami Marlins second baseman and 2015 MLB All-Star Dee Gordon has agreed to a five-year $50 million extension with the team, with a vesting option tagged onto a possible sixth year worth $14 million.

Gordon will need 600 at-bats in 2020 to earn the $14 million option for 2021, or he will need a total of 1,200 at-bats total between the years 2019 and 2020. Gordon’s extension will cover his first three arbitration years and his first two years of free agency.

Gordon, who will turn 28 in April, won the National League’s Batting Title in 2015 by hitting .333. He lead all of Major League Baseball in stolen bases with 58, and he led the National League for the second-straight year.

While Gordon is by no means a power hitter or a guy that drives in a ton of runs, the two-time All-Star gets on base, he hits for average, and he is one of the fastest players in all of baseball. His near perfect 99% fielding percentage also makes him a reliable defensive infielder.

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