Founder – Tony Montalto

Tony Montalto founded The Game Day Report in December 2014 after being inspired to create a website originally based off his Facebook page, NBA All Day Everyday, which was first created in June 2013. The website for NBA All Day Everyday launched in August 2014, but Montalto decided he wanted to have a platform to write about all sports. Thus, The Game Day Report was born. Montalto is very passionate about his writing, and strives to make The Game Day Report one of the top destinations for all things sports across the world.

You can follow Tony on Twitter @Montalto_Tony. Or, you can contact him via email:

Graphic Designer – Dorian Redden

Dorian Redden has been with The Game Day Report since the days of NBA All Day Everyday in June 2013. Since joining, Redden has been responsible for creating the official logo, and the majority of graphics that you see everyday on our website, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Redden also currently serves as a Graphic Design Intern for The Albany Empire, an Arena Football League team based in Albany, New York. You can follow his work on both Facebook and Instagram.

You can also follow Dorian on Twitter @dRedden26. Or, you can also contact him via email: