Stat of The Day: Dallas Keuchel Makes History on 3 Days Rest

The Astros came into the American League Wild Card Game not knowing how affective Dallas Keuchel would be on 3 days rest.

He was pretty darn good.

Keuchel tossed six scoreless innings, picking up the win for the Astros in their 3-0 win over the Yankees, allowing just three hits and striking out seven. Most starting pitchers pitch on five days rest when a team is using a regular five-man rotation, so for Keuchel to show domination was mighty impressive.

He became the first pitcher since 2003 to toss a scoreless start in the playoffs on three days rest. Josh Beckett did it in the 2003 World Series which just also so happened to be against the Yankees.

Also this:

This start was was icing on the cake for Keuchel’s case for Cy Young.

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