Stephen Curry Speaks on who has the Best Backcourt in the NBA

If you haven’t been up to date on the latest news from the NBA, there is a war between John Wall and Dion Waiters over who has the best backcourt in the NBA. Of course John Wall thinks the Wizards do and of course Dion Waiters thinks that the Cavaliers do. Now we get to here who Stephen Curry thinks has the best backcourt in the league. And of course, his pick isn’t surprising:

“What was he supposed to say? I would have said the same thing (about us). It was just like the thing with LeBron this summer. What are you supposed to say? I would say we’re the best backcourt. He’s going to say it. Russell (Westbrook) said he was the best PG yesterday. Everybody has got to be confident. If he would have said he had the second-best backcourt in the league, I probably would have gone over there and ragged on him all day.”


Curry and Thompson are considered the best backcourt in the league by most NBA fans. The only question now is, will anyone else jump in on the debate or will Wall and Waiters respond to Stephen Curry?



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