Steve Nash Injures Himself Picking up his Own Bags

Steve Nash hasn’t exactly been the ‘Steve Nash’ we have seen throughout his NBA career with the Lakers and its mainly because of his health. His major health problem and how bad is his back problem? Nash went to pick up his bags, started carrying them. and then his back just started to get the same old pain Nash has been feeling for awhile now.

I mean how durable are you at this age is key to your performance on the court, but when it affects your off the court life to? Nash’s career will more then likely end after this season however. Question is, how many games can the Lakers get out of Steve Nash?

Byron Scott on the injury:

“Steve, today, kind of hurt his back,” Scott stated. “He had a little bit of a setback, just kind of carrying some bags or something. He felt a twinge in his back.”

Steve Nash’s last year on his contract with the Lakers is this season, where to this point, all Nash is trying to do is to earn that last million dollars on his contract. The 40 year old veteran and two time MVP Steve Nash’s career is winding down rapidly.



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