Nets Officially Buyout Deron Williams

Late last night, it was reported that point guard Deron Williams and the Nets were discussing a buyout of Williams’ 98 million dollar contract so that Williams could sign with the Dallas Mavericks. That has happened, as according to David Aldridge, the team and Williams have officially agreed to a buyout. The Nets and DeronContinue reading “Nets Officially Buyout Deron Williams”

Billy King: Nets Won’t Buyout Deron Williams’ Contract

Former all-star point guard Deron Williams is still due over 40 million the next couple of years by the Brooklyn Nets, and many questioned if the Nets would decide to buy out Williams to dump ¬†him as he has not lived up to the 98 million dollar contract he was given. Nets general manger BillyContinue reading “Billy King: Nets Won’t Buyout Deron Williams’ Contract”

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