Jerome Kersey Dies at 52 Years-Old

The former Portland Trail Blazers forward, Jerome Kersey has passed at the age of 52, with the reason for death not announced at this time. Kersey helped lead the Blazers to 2 NBA Finals, and won the Finals with the San Antonio Spurs. Kersey touched the lives of many, and Blazers owner Paul Allen, had theContinue reading “Jerome Kersey Dies at 52 Years-Old”

Russell Wilson wants the Atlanta Hawks to move to Seattle

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has given his take on the Atlanta Hawks debate. Now that a 2nd racist owner has appeared, it is a strong possibility the Seattle group could buy the Hawks and move them to Seattle. That, is what Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson is thinking: How about bringing the @ATLHawks toContinue reading “Russell Wilson wants the Atlanta Hawks to move to Seattle”

Could the Atlanta Hawks Become the Seattle Supersonics?

With the recent report that the Atlanta Hawks would be sold due to another racist owner, the door could be open for a Seattle Supersonics return. With Atlanta’s poor attendance and lack of fan support along with Seattle wanting their team back, the Supersonics could make a return if the Seattle Buyers group makes aContinue reading “Could the Atlanta Hawks Become the Seattle Supersonics?”

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