Tiger Woods (Wrist) Will Play in Player’s Championship

Living golf legend Tiger Woods announced on his Twitter page earlier today that he will play in the Player’s Championship in May despite his wrist injury. Woods said he had to pop his wrist back into place during Round 3 of The Masters tournament, which was won by Jordan Spieth. “It hurts. It definitely hurts,”Continue reading “Tiger Woods (Wrist) Will Play in Player’s Championship”

Tiger Woods Confident he can Still Win The Masters

Tiger Woods made his return to golf for The Masters tournament, and is currently 12 back of current leader┬áJordan Spieth, who is 21 years of age making history while leading the tournament. In 1997, the 21-year-old Woods was also leading by 12 strokes until he lost the lead. So he’s not out of it yet,Continue reading “Tiger Woods Confident he can Still Win The Masters”

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