Even at Age 38, Vince Carter Still Has Hops

Memphis Grizzlies guard Vince Carter may not be the dunking highlight reel he once was, or the heavy minute player he once was, but when he gets his chance to play, he usually makes a solid impact. Last night in the Grizzlies 112-96 blow out of the Lakers, Vince Carter brought out a vintage slam:Continue reading “Even at Age 38, Vince Carter Still Has Hops”

Jerome Kersey Dies at 52 Years-Old

The former Portland Trail Blazers forward, Jerome Kersey has passed at the age of 52, with the reason for death not announced at this time. Kersey helped lead the Blazers to 2 NBA Finals, and won the Finals with the San Antonio Spurs. Kersey touched the lives of many, and Blazers owner Paul Allen, had theContinue reading “Jerome Kersey Dies at 52 Years-Old”

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