Teddy Bridgewater Coming up Big When Vikings Need Him Most

A lot was made about the 2015 that Teddy Bridgewater has had over the last few weeks, as the 23-year-old Vikings quarterback entered the month of December with just eight passing touchdowns and 7 interceptions.

While those numbers look identical to his rookie season, Bridgewater has improved his game this season, throwing the ball more accurately, as well as throwing the ball for more yards and cutting down on turnovers.

When you have Adrian Peterson coming back after missing basically all of your rookie season, it can take you awhile to adjust, but over Bridgewater’s last three games, he’s thrown six touchdowns and zero interceptions to speak about.

Over those three same games, Bridgewater has a quarterback rating of 123.2 with an average of 9.1 yards per pass as opposed to 6.9 in the rest of Bridgewater’s games this season.

It’s safe to say the young Vikings quarterback is stepping up big when it matters most.

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