Texans LB Jadeveon Clowney’s Knee ‘Feels Fine’

After sitting on the sidelines for a week during Houston Texans practice with knee soreness, outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney declared that his knee is just fine:

“My knee feels fine,” said Clowney, per the Houston Chronicle. “I feel okay. It’s great. I missed it. I’m good to go. I’m back out here with the team and ready to go.”

Clowney, who was the number one overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, is entering the third year of his NFL career. So far in his NFL career, Clowney has sustained multiple injuries in each of his first two seasons, so you can understand why Houston is playing it safe with Clowney.

Clowney recently admitted that it’s hard to keep frustration from setting in due to his tough luck with injuries to this point:

“Yeah, all the time,” he said. ‘You come back, train hard in the offseason and then, all of a sudden, boom, you have to take a step back and keep going. I’m still young and still growing and still learning. I learn something new every day.”

The 23-year-old Clowney played 13 games out of 16 last year for the Texans, recording 40 total tackles and 4.5 sacks while deflecting six passes.

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