The day we have been waiting for is finally here at last. Super Bowl Sunday. You’re probably getting excited to invite friends over and watch the big game while eating your favorite snacks. You still might be mad over the way your teams’ season ended, or your team is in the Super Bowl and your nervous as to what happens. Here’s how our panel of contributors has the Super Bowl possibly panning out.

Tony Montalto

Score: 24-20 Seahawks 

MVP: Russell Wilson 

The Seattle Seahawks are coming off a huge comeback win over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. The 12th man is ready and motivated for this Super Bowl as they look to be the first team to repeat since the team they ironically face today, the New England Patriots. Seattle’s offense will put up enough points for the Legion of Boom to contain Brady, and Marshawn Lynch only gets fined 100 times.

Johnny Sellers

Score: 31-21 Seahawks 

MVP: Marshawn Lynch 

The Hawks will win because their defense will overpower the Patriots and keep their offense in check. They will completely eliminate New England’s run game, making them one dimensional.

Brett Gallant

Score: 35-31 Patriots 

MVP: Tom Brady

I feel like it’s simply the Patriots year. They have a way of rising above adversity. With injuries to Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas that could be more serious than we believe. The Patriots are simply the team that is better prepare

Kevin Fielder 

Score: 34-31 Seahawks 

MVP: Marshawn Lynch 

The Hawks step into Arizona with momentum after the comeback over the Packers. The defense is always a issue for the other team and it will prove to be trouble yet again. The fact of no run game for New England makes them a one dimensional team which is never good. Lynch will rush for 100+ yards and show the NFL why he’s thankful.

Joe Michaels

Score: 27-24 Seahawks  

MVP: Marshawn Lynch 

Marshawn Lynch will take home MVP with a huge game on the ground.


Jay Hezekiah

Score: 27-14 Seahawks

MVP: Richard Sherman

Dorian Redden

Score: 27-17 Patriots

MVP: Jillian Edelman

Noah Micek

Score: 24-21 Patriots 

MVP: LeGarrette Blount

If the legion of boom is unhealthy and the patriots continue the power running game, they got a shot to put points on the board. The defense has to find a way to stop Marshawn Lynch, too


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