The Time has Come for Pat Riley to Payback Dwyane Wade

For years I wondered whether or not Dwyane Wade would finally get the money he deserves from the Miami Heat or not. Dwyane Wade may not have the same play style that he did when he was younger and more explosive, but Wade made the ultimate sacrifice for Miami during the time of his career that he would’ve made the most money possible.

Remember the time Dwyane Wade was considered a MVP candidate, a top five player, a top ten player, and in some cases the best player in the NBA? That’s the time I am talking about. 2010 brought LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat forming a trio no one will ever forget. Something that is very underrated about the trio being formed is what the Miami Heat star did to make it happen.

I don’t know how he can be so unselfish, but the total amount of money left on the table is eye-popping. Carmelo Anthony will end up making over 100 million more than Wade in his NBA career. Here’s the one that really measures Wade’s sacrifice. The Heat agreed to a contract that will keep Goran Dragic in Miami for 90 million dollars over five years. By agreeing to that, the Heat will pay Dragic 75% of what they have payed Wade throughout his entire career.

I honestly don’t blame Wade for wanting more this off-season for a change. He left 14 million on the table last Summer just in-case LeBron James and Chris Bosh wanted to re-sign with the Heat so they can all make it work finically. I think he has grown tired of being the guy that is sacrificing for the Heat, especially considering how long he has been doing it for. It appears even Goran Dragic realized that too, as he asked Pat Riley if there was a way he could take less to leave enough money for Wade. Dragic took 15 million less so that the Heat can give Wade the contract he deserves.

When healthy, Wade is still one effective player. He finished as the third best scorer in the east behind LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in terms of points per game. It’s not like Wade is asking for Kobe money, (which is about thirty million per year), so I say pay Dwyane Wade, Pat Riley. Every Heat fan will surely appreciate it, and we are sure Dwyane Wade would love to see that his sacrificing did pay off in the long run, and that there is still a good chance at winning with his new contract. The team player won’t be here much longer, so make sure he is able to enjoy his time left.

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