Tim Tebow’s Contact With Eagles Non-Guaranteed

As many of us expected, Tim Tebow’s deal with the Philadelphia Eagles contract will be a non-guaranteed deal unless the Eagles guarantee the contract. Tebow’s one-year deal is worth $660,000, and he will get all of that money if the Eagles do in-fact decide to guarantee his contract. The Eagles signed Tebow on Sunday, after having a workout with him in mid-March.

If the Eagles cut Tebow before the season gets underway, the Eagles owe him nothing other than $195 each day he participates in off-season workouts, and $1,800 a week in training camp.

The Eagles have five quarterbacks on their team with Tebow, but are still trying to trade Matt Barkley and may make a trade on draft night for Marcus Mariota, which could involve one of the quarterbacks.

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