Twitter Explodes with #NBABedtimeStories

NBA teams took their best photo editing and photoshop skills to the the test on Twitter with the #NBABedtimeStories and here are some of the best ones from the NBA teams giving us something on Twitter while we wait desperately or the NBA season to start.

Atlanta nice job! Now we go check out what the Cleveland Cavaliers have

Props to Cleveland this one was probably one of the most creative ones. Now let’s go check out what the new look Timberwolves did

Nice job. Now what can the Orlando Magic come up with

Oh we knew this was coming all board the Magic School Bus! Let’s check out the Wizards now.

No disrespect to the Wizards, but I’m not sure anyone has ever read the Wizard of Oz. Let’s see the Charlotte Hornets one shall we?

Nice and clever makes for a great internet meme. Let’s head back to the Orlando where the Magic gave us another bedtime story meme.

Harris Potter. This is one the best ones, I personally think well done Orlando Magic. Well done. Let’s go back to Minnesota for the second time.

Instant classic right there. Let’s go to Philly where we just knew the 76ers had to get in on this.

Great job Philly. Also, a great job to all the  NBA teams who made this enjoyable hashtag for us to keep refreshing our twitter feeds over and over again.

~Tony Montalto @t-rod_tony

All credits of the twets/photo are to their original owners.

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