VIDEO: Dwyane Wade Connects With Justise Winslow for Massive Alley-Oop

Dwyane Wade became the 51st player in NBA history to eclipse 19,000 points, and he was able to connect with Miami Heat rookie wing Justise Winslow for their first ever alley-oop.

With the Heat trailing the winless 76ers 87-82, Wade decided that the Heat need a big spark to lead a come from behind win. His lob to Winslow did just that, as Justise was served.

The alley-oop dunk of course counted for two points, as the Heat outscored the 76ers 12-5 after the alley-oop, giving them their 8th win on the season, bringing them to the 2nd best record in the Eastern Conference.

Wade finished the game with 27 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists while Winslow finished the game with 11 points and 5 rebounds.

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