VIDEO: Every 3-Pointer Hit by Stephen Curry During Warriors 24-0 Start

Stephen Curry has tripled home over 120 three-pointers this year, keeping him on pace to destroy his own record for most three’s in a season. The 120 plus triples also have him way ahead of the rest of the NBA, as Kyle Lowry is just over 70 on the year.

It’s no secret that Curry can shoot the ball. He’s already the greatest shooter of all-time, and his three-point shooting is a big reason why the Warriors are on pace to be the best team ever in terms of win-loss record.

We all know how the Warriors fell at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night, giving them their first lost on the season after starting the season 24-0. No matter when it ended, the Warriors still crushed a ton of history.

The 24-0 start was the best start in NBA history by eight games, and if we date back to the 2014-2015 season, they won 28 games in a row, the second longest streak in NBA history.

You can relieve every single three Curry hit home during the 24 games right here, courtesy of YouTube user FreeDawkins:

Curry is averaging 32.3 points, 6 assists, and 5.3 rebounds so far this season.

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