VIDEO: Royals’ Lorenzo Cain Smokes 423 Foot Home Run off Dallas Keuchel

Dallas Keuchel was unsolvable in the American League Wild Card game to the entire New York Yankees offense.

It appears that one Royals player has finally cracked the code. That player is Lorenzo Cain.

Cain had been in a battle with Keuchel for what seemed like a decade before Cain took another 2-2 delivery from Keuchel to left field and didn’t miss any of it.

Cain’s home run went an estimated 423 feet and went 104 miles off the bat. Cain was the American League MVP last year for the Championship Series, and he is looking to get the Royals back to the ALCS so he can win himself another, and win the Royals back-to-back AL pennants.

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