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As we get set to start a new year, we look back at some of the best plays throughout the 2014 world of sports. To the perfect storybook ending for Derek Jeter, and a start of a young career with an awesome catch from Odell Beckham Jr, but what really was the moment of the 2014? We are letting you. The fans. Decide what moment was the best in sports from 2014. Let’s start

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Two contributors to The Game Day Report help select the match-ups and seeding in our bracket above. Now its your turn to vote for your favorite moment.

#1 Derek Jeter’s Walk Off Vs. #8 Floyd Mayweather versus Marcos Maidana

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D26 Graphics

#1 Lauren Hill’s college debut vs #8 Terrence Ross’ dunk

Lauren Hill, who had been suffering from a brain tumor, made the first and final layups of her college game.

Terrence Ross almost sent Kenneth Faried missing before halftime with a monster slam on him Faried.

#2 Beast Quake 2.0 versus #7 Isaiah Austin getting drafted 

Marshawn Lynch already went beast mode one time versus the Saints. So why not do a part two? Marshawn Lynch lived up to his nickname beast mode with his run.

Isaiah Austin, who was diagnosed with Marfyn syndrome, was told that he couldn’t play basketball anymore due to his health issue. That didn’t stop NBA commissioner Adam Sliver from using a 1st round ceremonial on Austin as he was drafted by the NBA to fulfill his dream of getting drafted.

#2 Weidman versus Machida #7 Marty St. Louis’ emotional goal

Chris Weidman versus Lyoto Machida was one of the biggest fights in UFC this season. The match resulted in Weidman winning.

Marty St. Louis had one of the greatest goals in the NHL last season. On Mothers Day, St. Louis scored a goal in honor of his late mom.

#3 Odell Beckham’s catch versus #6 Damian Lillard’s playoff buzzer beater 

What a tough choice here.

Odell Beckham almost broke the internet with his amazing one-handed grab versus the Cowboys.

Damian Lillard’s middle name is clutch. With the Blazers needing a big shot to win a series without going to a game 6, Damian Lilliard sank a buzzer beating 3 leading the Blazers into the second round.

#3 Sherman’s tip in NFC Championship Game #6 John Brooks USA winning World Cup Goal 

Richard Sherman is more famous for the interview he made after the play he made rather then the play. Collin Kapernick’s pass intended for Micheal Crabtree was tipped by Sherman into the hands of his teammate, the Super Bowl 48 MVP Malcolm Smith.

John Brooks won Team USA’s World Cup game versus Ghana with a 86 inch header goal.

#4 Adreian Payne and Lacey Holsworth Vs. #5 Royals World Series run 

Andreian Payne and 8 year old cancer patient Lacey Holsworth had a special bond. Payne brought her onto the court to help cut down the net after Michigan State won the Big Ten tournament and received a championship hat.

The Royals entered the playoffs as one of Major League Baseball’s hottest teams. They shocked everyone by making it and they were one game away from winning the entire thing.

#4 Percy Harvin’s Super Bowl touchdown #5 LeBron returns to Cleveland

Percy Harvin started the second half of the Super Bowl better then what the Seahawks more then likely expected. Harvin returned 87 yards to put the Seahawks up even more then they were at halftime

LeBron James was once viewed as a traitor to the city of Cleveland and he decided to make it up to them. On July 11th, 2014, LeBron James was coming home and his ultimate goal is to bring the Cavaliers fans a championship. LeBron says it would be the greatest accomplishment of his life.

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