Way to Early MLB Standings Predictions

Why not on Christmas Eve discuss the boys of Spring and Summer? Lots of moves have been made from some of baseball’s weaker teams last season like the Padres, White Sox, and Marlins, but how will they reflect in the standings? Remember what they say, no one can predict baseball, but we can try.

American League West:

1: Angels

Last years AL West champions by 10 games will repeat again winning the AL West with the 2014 AL MVP Mike Trout leading them.

2: Mariners

The Mariners have added Nelson Cruz to protect Robinson Cano in the batting order, and with Kyle Seager locked up the Mariners will have a great heart of the order. With Felix Hernandez and a young rotation behind him the M’s could look to be a dangerous playoff team and a threat to the Angels.

3: Athletics

The Athletics added Billy Butler, and traded almost all their all-stars. (Josh Donaldson, Brandon Moss, Jon Lester, Derek Norris, and Jeff Samardzija) Don’t forget they also traded Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester, which didn’t turn out so good. The Athletics will take a big dip this season.

4: Rangers

I am not sure were to place the Rangers due to the fact they had so many injuries last season. But I know for sure they’ll be better, but now we just have to see how good they can be when everyone is healthy.

5: Astros

The Astros talent is real. Lead by Jose Altuve the Astros will be in the cellar in the AL West for only one more year, then its contending time for baseball’s greatest experiment.

American League Central

1: Tigers

The Tigers acquired Yoenis Cespedes from the Red Sox, which forms quite the scary lineup.  Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, Yoenis Cespedes, J.D Martinez, Alex Avila. I wouldn’t want to pitch to that. Just imagine if they’re able to sign Max Scherzer.

2: Indians

The Indians almost sneaked into the Postseason last year, but that wasn’t the case. Look out for them this season, however. With AL Cy Young winner Corey Kluber leading their rotation and a lineup of, Jason Kipnis, Michael Bourn, Micheal Brantley, Nick Swisher, Carlos Santana, Lonnie Chisenhall, and Yan Gomes could do some dangerous damage

3: White Sox

The White Sox have beefed up quite a bit this season. Adding Adam LaRoche, Jeff Samardzija, Melkey Cabrera, and Zach Duke, the White Sox could make some noise. I see them doing more before Spring Training, as it will be a good battle between the Indians and White Sox for 4th. And maybe the Royals.

4: Royals

In Baseball’s Cinderella story last year making the World Series, the Royals set the MLB world on fire lead by a pitching staff and offense that was able to create runs. Unfortunately for the Royals, the AL Central became way stronger and they have to add more depth. I am a fan of the moves they have made so far this off-season, however.

5: Twins

With a new manger, and a new outlook, the Twins have a bright future. However, it won’t be this year that they’ll able to compete in the tough AL Central. Look out for them in the future, however.

American League  East:

1: Red Sox

First to worst again for the Red Sox this season? That’s what I think. With the re-tooled pitching staff and the additions of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval, the Red Sox will be back in contention again this year as they look to make another run at the World Series

2: Blue Jays

The Blue Jays acquired arguably the best 3rd baseman in the American League and the best 3rd baseman last year in baseball. With most of their rotation in tack, and their only major loss being  Melky Cabera, the Blue Jays will finish second in the American League East.

3: Baltimore Orioles

They still have most of their offensive fire power, but I can’t trust their pitching rotation at all. Baltimore and Toronto will battle and fight for second in the American League East this season as no one really does have someone that puts them over the top.

4: New York Yankees

The Yankees haven’t done much this off-season as were a costumed to seeing, but they still have most of their offense and could Alex Rodriguez give the Yankees anything this season? Their rotation won’t get it done at this point, but I do see the Yankees sign James Shields to help them out.

5: Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays are a mess. It seems like they’ll be back to the Rays of old this season as they only really have infield to work with. I see the Rays trading away most of their young pitching staff for prospects to re-load. With most of the outfield gone, it doesn’t seem that unlikely.

National League West

1: Los Angeles Dodgers

Despite losing Hanley Ramirez, the Dodgers rebounded quickly trading for Jimmy Rollins still giving them good production from the shortstop position. With possibly the best pitching duo of Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, the Dodgers could potentially make a run at the World Series this season.

2: San Diego Padres

The Padres outfield this season is the definition of boom or bust. With Will Myers, Matt Kemp, and Justin Upton starting and Carlos Quention, Cameron Maybin, and Will Venable as back-ups? Man. That is scary. They also upgraded catching and their infield as that’ll be another strong point. We can’t forget about that pitching rotation the Padres had last season that carried their weak offense.

3: San Francisco Giants

It seems like the Giants haven’t done much this season. But, the ranging World Series champions will still be able to do a lot of things this off-season, but I don’t seem them making that much noise as they did. Their offense is still there with a nice pitching staff, but the Padres have surpassed them.

4: Arizona Diamondbacks.

With the signing of Yasmay Tomas, the Diamondbacks upgraded their infield instantly. With Tony La Russa in charge for the D-Backs, they’ll be contending in 2016. They just need their infield to get stronger and all their pitching prospects to come up strong and be ready for the task.

5: Colorado Rockies

Are they going to trade Troy Tulowitzki or what? Jeez, their organization needs to make some serious moves because I don’t see anything bright for them in their future. It starts by moving Tulo and outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, who are both injury prone slowing the rebuilding process for the Rockies.

National League Central

1: St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals added Jason Heyward to replace the late Oscar Taveras, and still have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball. All they need to do is upgraded their bullpen late this 0ff-season, and they’ll be all set for another run at the World Series.

2: Chicago Cubs

Signing Jon Lester was a huge move for them, and with one of the most dyamnic young offense’s featuring Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro, Javier Baez, Jorge Soler, and Kris Bryant, the Cubs will bring excitement back to the Windy City. And with one of the most underrated pitching staffs in baseball, the Cubs will be able to maybe make the Playoffs for the first time since 2008.

3: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates are still one of the biggest threats in the National League Central, and will battle the Cubs for 2nd place all year long as that rivalry will catch a huge spark this season. The Pirates need to beef up their bench a bit and tweak some things in their bullpen first.

4: Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers aren’t 4th place bad, but they won’t finish in the top 3 this season. This year the Brewers will need MVP Ryan Braun back and they will need Jean Segura to take a very big step forward this season. The Brewers will be picking up bullpen help late this off-season and their all set.

5: Cincinnati Reds

It seems like the Reds are trading away their best players for the future. I feel its a smart move as they realize it’ll be way to hard to compete in the tough National League Central this season due to how much stronger each team became. With the way they struggle stay healthy, its not that bad of an idea.

National League East

1: Washington Nationals

The Nationals only major loss this off-season was Adam LaRoche. Otherwise, the Nationals will win this division with ease. Ryan Zimmerman will take over the reigns at 1st base as the Nationals will need a big year out of Bryce Harper. Their rotation is solid enough to compete with the National League’s best after losing in the Divisional round last year.

2: Miami Marlins

The Marlins signed Gincarlo Stanton to one of the largest contracts in baseball history. Added some nice pitching depth, but now need to work on re-tooling some of the infield areas. I see the Marlins making a few moves before Spring rolls around.

3: New York Mets

The Mets will get Matt Harvey back as their pitching will carry them, but I don’t trust their offense enough to make any major noise to help the Mets make the playoffs. They will need to create some offense in the minors or have to open up their checkbooks to add some offense. Michael Cuddyer is good, but he doesn’t instantly make an offense great.

4: Atlanta Braves

I don’t trust Atlanta anymore. They always find away to miss up something good and I don’t think they’ll be that great this season. Trading away 2 of their best offensive weapons and only fixing some areas of their offense won’t do enough. If the pitching staff stays healthy they’ll be 500. We all know their bullpen is no joke.

5: Philadelphia Philles

Well, the Philles have finally started rebuilding trading away Jimmy Rollins. Next step would be dumping Ryan Howard and others for prospects. After they’re able to get rid of their older players, we will see what they get in return and see how well they’re able to do this season.

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