Way too Early NBA Awards

With the all-star break coming to a roar it seems appropriate to reflect on the season so far and the players and coaches who deserve recognition.

MVP: James Harden.

It’s no coincidence the Houston Rockets find themselves in the top half of the western conference. James Harden has simply been playing lights out basketball and considering Dwight Howard has been slowly declining in production this year, an MVP caliber year was certainly needed. The Rockets are more than capable to make a splash in the playoffs this June. If certain matchups are avoided that is. If James Harden can continue to play at this level, the Rockets are a team to watch.


DPOTY: Anthony Davis.

The only thing stopping Anthony Davis from being the MVP is the western conference. It’s hard to give such an award to a player who currently is not in a playoff spot. Fortunately, it is more than likely that the Pelicans make a run at a lower seed due to the capabilities of Davis. Defensively, he draws comparisons to a young Hakeem Olajuwon. The Brow is averaging 2.7 blocks a game along with 1.5 steals per game. His length and speed allows him to seem almost ubiquitous. An argument can be made that Davis is the best big man in the league, how long until he’s the best player? Who knows?


COTY: Mike Budenholzer

The Atlanta Hawks have been the story of the year so far supplementing NBA fans with a huge surprise as to their success this season. While a lion’s share of the credit goes to the players we cannot forget the man who orchestrates the well-oiled machine that is the Atlanta Hawks. Budenholzer was an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs from 1996-2013 and had ample opportunities to grow under Greg Poppovich. To everyone’s surprise Atlanta resides at a record of 44-9 and holds the top seed in the eastern conference. Many are not sold on the Hawks due to their lack of talent and playoff experience, but a well-coached team will beat a talented team almost every time.



ROTY: Andrew Wiggins

Even as a Canadian, I had my doubts on Wiggins from the beginning. Thankfully, he has done nothing but blown me away this season. Although his entrance to the league was a little bumpy he is by leaps and bounds playing at a higher level than all the other rookies in his class. Andrew Wiggins is making Canada proud, Minnesota hopeful, and Cleveland pondering on what could have been.


SMOTY: Louis Williams

With Toronto bringing back relatively the same roster as last year, many were skeptical of their plan for the upcoming season. Well, it turned out Lou was more than just a write off. After circumstances not playing out for both parties, the Atlanta Hawks dealt Lou Williams and Lucas (Bebe) Nogueira for the expiring John Salmons who was later cut by the team. Sweet Lou has been a welcomed addition to a bench unit that certainly did not need any more pieces. Williams is a pure scorer, averaging 15 points a game off the bench. It seemed as though the trade worked out well for both teams, as the two of them claim ownership to the top two seeds in the east.

This has been one of the more exciting NBA seasons to date, one can only hope things stay this way. And as far as my predictions go, a lot of things could change between now and then. Nothing is for certain the NBA.

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