Week one is in the books, and now we can finally stop overacting at the first week. We have some good games that could already decide playoff races in week two, so let’s dive right into my Week 2 predictions after I went 9-7 on my week one picks.


Broncos over Chiefs

I believe the Broncos will get on track in this game first their biggest threat in the AFC West. It should be a good one, considering the Broncos versus Chiefs games we have received lately.


Panthers over Texans

This is a good game to watch in my opinion. It will be mostly defensive this game, but I think whoever gets to twenty first will be the winner, and I think the Panthers can do it.

Steelers over 49ers

This is a game the Steelers have to get if they want to have a high seed come playoff time, if not, they could be in trouble, especially if he Ravens get a win, and the Bengals win again.

Saints over Buccaneers

Jameis Winston will rebound nicely, but it won’t be enough to power the Bucs past Drew Brees.

Lions over Minnesota

The Lions looked good up until the second half first the Chargers, while the Vikings didn’t look very good at all in San Fran.

Cardinals over Bears

The Bears will be in the game for a little bit, but ultimately, the Cardinals will end up with the win.

Patriots over Bills

Tom Brady is traveling on the road for the first time this season, and after the Deflategate drama, you can bet the fans are going to let him have it, and Brady will feed off of it.

Chargers over Bengals

Philip Rivers shock off the rust in week one that occurred during the first quarter/half. I am expecting the Chargers to out-duel the Bengals in a good match-up.

Titans over Browns

What will Marcus Mariota do this time around? The rookie had a strong debut, and it’s very unlikely he will top it. I think he will do enough to get the Titans a win, however.

Falcons over Giants

The Falcons defense looked good on Monday night, and with the Giants having a weak secondary, Julio Jones will tear it up again for you fantasy football owners.

Rams over Redskins

After upsetting Seattle, who is perhaps the best team in the league, the Rams get to face perhaps the worst team in the League in the Washington Redskins. Rams will be 2-0 this year to start off.

Dolphins over Jaguars

The Dolphins beat the Redskins by only a touchdown, but I think they can win by two touchdowns, depending on how the offense plays this time around. Nonetheless, I think they’ll grind out the W.

Ravens over Raiders

Derek Carr may not play week two, which helps decrease the Raiders chances a lot more. Hopefully for the Ravens, they have the kinks in their offense worked out.

Cowboys over Eagles

Dez Bryant is a huge blow, but I still think the Cowboys can get by the Eagles without him. I wasn’t impressed with the Eagles at all on Monday night versus the Falcons.

Packers over Seattle

The Sehawks and 49ers have had the Packers number lately, but it’s not Aaron Rodgers fault. He needs to go off for the Packers in a game that they should be taking very personally, and you know Mike McCarthy wants to win this one bad.


Colts over Jets

Calm Down with the “Colts are overrated” talk because I believe in Andrew Luck, and I am still on record for saying that I think he will finish second in NFL MVP voting behind Aaron Rodgers. He will rebound nicely, and so will the Colts, but the Jets will play good in the end.

I will be predicting every game for the next 17 weeks, so make sure you stay tuned and you don’t miss a thing. (I will link week by week picks to each prediction article so you can follow along).

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