Week 3 NFL Picks

It’s crazy to think that not to long ago we were all pumped up for week one of the NFL regular season, and it’s already week 3. I went 8-8 on my week two picks, and considering how much help I didn’t get, I think I stand pretty solid at being 17-15 on the season with my picks. I need a great week, and hopefully week 3 turns out to be better for me.

Week 3:


Giants over Redskins

If the Giants don’t win this game, they should have big concerns. With Tony Romo and Dez Bryant being out for over eight weeks, the Giants need to take advantage, and win games like this.


Falcons over Cowboys

The Falcons are 2-0, and the Cowboys are 2-0, so this should be a good game, right? Unfortunately, as I stated above, both Romo and Bryant will be out, and I don’t think Brandon Weeden can out play Matt Ryan, and Julio Jones will blow Terrance Williams out of the water when it comes to overall numbers.

Colts over Titans

PLEASE COLTS. Do not fail me again, or I am going to look stupid, yet again.

Raiders over Browns

Hey, the Raiders are 1-1! Derek Carr and Amari Cooper shined bright versus the Ravens, and I expect them to do the same versus the Browns.

Bengals over Ravens

Joe Flacco doesn’t play very well versus the Bengals, which Andy Dalton should look to take advantage of greatly this week. The Bengals will be 3-0, while the Ravens will be 0-3.

Patriots over Jaguars

This should be an easy game for Tom Brady and Co. If not, I might have to reevaluate my picks next week, and pick the Jaguars if they win this game.

Panthers over Saints

This is a big divisional match-up for the Saints, but with the way they’ve looked early on, and the fact that they might not have Drew Brees worries me even more about picking them.

Jets over Eagles

The Eagles will have tough task of trying to jump start their offense versus the team that took the ball away from Andrew Luck and the Colts five times on Monday night.

Buccaneers over Texans

Jameis Winston earned his first NFL win versus the Saints on Sunday, and I’m confident he will pick up his second win in his third week in the NFL.

Chargers over Vikings

The Vikings surprised me last week, but I still like the Chargers in this one. They have to not abandon the run game featuring Melvin Gordon, though.

Steelers over Rams

Le’Veon Bell will be back this week, and with Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown still there on offense, the Steelers will be able to come away with the victory.

Cardinals over 49ers

How about Carson Palmer so far and Larry Fitzgerald’s game versus the Bears? This should be a better game than many expect if the 49ers don’t let the game get away from them, because Colin Kaepernick played very well on Sunday.

Bills over Dolphins

A big game for both the Dolphins and the Bills, but based on what I have seen from the first two weeks, I am going with the Bills.

Seahawks over Bears

If the Seahawks lose this game without Kam Chancellor again, they could be in some trouble as they would be sitting at 0-3 on the year.

Broncos over Lions

The Lions could start 0-5, as after the Broncos they have the Seahawks and the Cardinals. As far as this week goes, Matthew Stafford is a bit dinged up, and Peyton Manning looked more like Peyton Manning on Thursday night.


Packers over Chiefs

This will be the second week in a row the Packers are playing on prime time television, and it should be another impressive showing for them.

I will be predicting every game for the next 17 weeks, so make sure you stay tuned and you don’t miss a thing. (I will link week by week picks to each prediction article so you can follow along).

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