Week One NFL Picks

Can you believe we’re only one day away from the NFL finally being back? After a long off-season talking about deflated footballs, and Roger Goodell, I think it’s time to finally start getting back to the games. Here are my week one predictions.


New England over Pittsburgh

I am sure a lot of you had the Steelers beating the Patriots when Brady had his suspension, and I still think the Steelers can pull it out, but I can’t picture Tom Brady, back in Foxboro, all the fans cheering for him, and of course coming off a Super Bowl win, losing this game. It should be a good game nonetheless, but you know no team wants to get back out on the field more than the Patriots.


Colts over Bills

Tyrod Taylor will play nicely for the Bills in my opinion, but I can’t picture the Bills out dueling who I am picking to win the AFC. (my full predictions are coming tomorrow)

Packers over Bears

The Packers are 9-1 versus the Bears in the last 10 meetings between the two, with the one loss being due to Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone, so I think you can tell why I am picking Green Bay to win.

Seahawks over Rams

Jimmy Graham will catch a touchdown in his Seattle debut, and the Seahawks will get off to a nice 1-0 start with a win over their rival.

Jets over Browns

Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis will be in a Jets uniform again, and it will bring momentum to the Jets to beat the Browns and start out 1-0. A touchdown catch for Brandon Marshall should also be in-store.

Chiefs over Texans

This is one game I will be watching. Should be a mostly defensive played game. Will J.J. Watt get in on the catching touchdowns act too? We shall see.

Dolphins over Redskins

If the Dolphins don’t win this game by at least two touchdowns, there is a problem.

Panthers over Jaguars

Again, if the Panthers don’t win this game by at least two touchdowns, there is a problem.

Saints over Cardinals

Yep. You heard it here first. If the Saints are able to put up a ton of points, I am not sure if the Cardinals can keep with Brees and the Saints. This should be a good game though.

Chargers over Lions

I’m on the fence with this game, but I ultimately think picking the Chargers to come out on top is indeed the better decision.

Buccaneers over Titans

Winston versus Mariota part numero uno. (that’s one if you don’t speak any Spanish at all) The Buccaneers have much more talent than the Titans do around their future franchise quarterback, and that should be able to help Winston a ton this year, and when it comes to winning this game.

Bengals over Raiders

I think this will be a better game then most people are thinking, but the Bengals will still be able to get a w here. I’m pumped to see the Carr and Cooper connection, however,

Broncos over Ravens

A good game to watch before it’s time for Sunday night.

Cowboys over Giants

Maybe Odell Beckham Jr. will open the year with a crazy one-handed catch, or maybe he won’t. The Cowboys will still win though.


Eagles over Falcons

A lot of new Eagles players this year looking to shine bright in Philadelphia, and they will start off good by winning on Monday night.

Vikings over 49ers

Year two is going to be a big one for Teddy Bridgewater, and he gets a chance to impress on national television right off the bat, which should result in a win.

As I stated above, my full predictions will be released tomorrow. I will be predicting every game for the next 17 weeks, so make sure you stay tuned and you don’t miss a thing. (I will link week by week picks to each prediction article so you can follow along).

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