Where is the Best Place for Pablo Sandoval to Sign?

Pablo Sandoval is one of (if not the best) the best free agents on the MLB free agency market. 5 teams have reportedly shown their interest in the slugging 3rd baseman. Those teams are the San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays . Of course it’s Pablo’s decision where he will play next season, but we will break down all the possibilities.


San Francisco Giants

Pablo has enjoyed 3 World Series rings in his career in San Francisco. Pablo has almost made the all star team twice in San Fran and the history he has made here with the Giants makes all the sense in the world to go there. How about hitting 3 home runs in 3 straight at bats in the World Series? Plus Pablo can still get what the Red Sox are offering him and more here with the Giants.


Boston Red Sox

Boston is also a winning franchise like the Giants with a ton of great history. If Pablo wants a chance at money he will also getting his starting job in Boston. Pablo has two really good chances and I believe the Red Sox and Giants will be the final two teams he goes to. They will offer the most money and have the greatest chance at winning.

San Diego Padres

Recently, reports came out that the San Diego Padres had interest in the 3 time champ and Pablo might want to go there if he wants to stay on the Bay area but not with the Giants. Another starting opportunity for Pablo and he can kill his former team any team he wants virtually when they play.

Chicago White Sox

I would love to play in Chicago if I was Pablo. With two of the best young talents in Major League Baseball in Chris Sale and Jose Aberu, Pablo will get to enjoy the bright lights of Chi Town and the starting third baseman for the Chicago White Sox making tons of money. Adam LaRoche was also signed by the team this off-season. It could be Pablo’s best bet in Chicago.

Toronto Blue Jays

Pablo could get to take days off in the field with the DH option in Toronto since the Blue Jays have a good (but injury prone) 3rd baseman in Brett Lawrie. Pablo could join one the most competitive divisions in baseball but it doesn’t seem like he is considering that much. Pablo has great defense so the Blue Jays would more then likely want him in the field.


Where I think Pablo signs: San Francisco Giants

I just don’t see him leaving

Dark horse candidate: Chicago White Sox

Don’t sleep on them. No one thought they were getting LaRoche.

Least likely: Toronto Blue Jays

I don’t see Pablo wanting to get limits on his game.

1: Giants 2: Red Sox 3: White Sox 4: Padres 5: Blue Jays I think should be Pablo’s interest levels.

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