Where Jameis Wintson and Marcus Mariota Need to Land in NFL Draft

Two potentially game changing quarterbacks will be headlining the upcoming NFL Draft, and there have been plenty of debates to go around. While there is no debating the talent, character and work ethic of a Marcus Mariota; there are certainly questions attaining too his ability to dominate in the pocket as his accuracy tends to not always be consistent as one would like. Jameis Winston on the other end of the spectrum is your prototypical pocket passer. With what I believe to be is a better arm than that of Mariota’s, Jameis does his damage from the pocket and has worked consistently well for him throughout his college career. His main concern is his off the field issues as they are becoming far too consistent for any franchise to truly believe in him. These two quarterbacks have incredible amounts of potential but just as many question marks. A bad scenario for either of these kids could be devastating. Thankfully, what I believe is the perfect fit for both of these quarterbacks is a very possible scenario.


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If I am Jameis Winston (which I am not), I am hitting my knees praying that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers call my name on draft night. At least, that’s what I think. On paper it sounds lovely. I believe most people could tell you that Winston is the more pro ready quarterback right now. What a perfect situation. I think Lovie Smith could snap this kid into a reality check he’s needed for a while now. He also has a young, developing receiving core right at his feet. Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson are both roughly 6’5”. That would certainly not be too hard to get used to. The Buccaneers also reside in the state in which he played his college football, which would certainly be one less thing Jameis would have to worry about. With clearly unquestionable talent, Jameis simply needs to get his act together.



Potential just pours from this kid Mariota, he’s truly someone you have to watch. I say that with clinched teeth because truth be told, I’m concerned he’s more of a system quarterback than one who can dominate on his own. Football fans are all aware of the complicity of the Orgeon offense and how it’s proved to be dominant in the college football world but Oregon quarterbacks do not have a history of success in the NFL aside from Dan Fouts and Norm Van Brocklin, but those players haven’t graced the field in quite some time and the game itself has become different. Mariota’s accuracy has always been inconsistent and sometimes subpar; his clear strength is his ability to keep the play alive with his legs. He has great speed for the quarterback position and (unlike his counterpart) is widely known for his character. Ken Wisenhunt of the Tennessee Titans has proven himself a quarterback whisperer. If anyone is fully capable of tapping into the potential that lies in Mariota, it could very well be Wisenhunt.

This upcoming NFL Draft has already proven to be one of the more interesting we’ve seen. With talent at every position teams will certainly be trying to improve to the best of their abilities, but as far as the overall class is concerned, a fair assessment cannot be made just yet.

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