Where Should Yasmany Tomas Sign?

Yasmany Tomas is one the most prized MLB free agents on the market right now. Tomas has raw power with average speed and the potential to be a great defender. Tomas is looking for a 100 million dollar contract and has drawn interest from several teams including the Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Philles, and the San Francisco Giants. Let’s breakdown the best chance for Tomas to sign.


Atlanta Braves

The Braves are coming off a down year (mostly due to injury), but Tomas would add to already nice core in Atlanta. While they traded away their biggest offensive weapon in Jason Heyward, they could easily make up for it with Yasmany. Could you imagine hitting Tomas after Freddie Freeman? And if you get Andrelton Simmons’ offense going more, the Braves, who had a weak offense last year, could become one of the high powered ones in MLB.
Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are desperate and I mean desperate for top young talent. They need Tomas if they have any hope for the future. Bottom line is, if they don’t land Tomas and do nothing major in free agency, they’re screwed

San Francisco Giants

If the Giants don’t get Pablo: Tomas becomes a Giant. Simple as that.

My pick: Atlanta Braves

I just can’t picture him any where else, and with a team that will be back stronger last year, Tomas will get paid and get some dough.

Dark horse: San Francisco Giants

Like I stated if they don’t land Pablo, the Giants will become front runners for Tomas.

Least likely: Philadelphia Philles

If he wants to get paid a lot go here, but if he doesn’t want to get paid and win, good luck Philly,

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