Which NCAA Team Should get Last Number one Seed?

With Gonzaga losing last night to BYU, they probably won’t be getting the 1 seed for the NCAA tourney so that means another team has to take their place, who should it be?

The case for Arizona


Arizona is currently has an overall record of 26-3. They have some very good wins which will help their resume for example they beat Utah twice, and they beat Gonzaga. The thing that will hurt the wildcats is that they have some bad losses, they have lost to: UNLV, Arizona State and Oregon State, none of those teams have a winning record in conference play.

The case for Wisconsin


Wisconsin currently has an overall record of 25-3. Wisconsin has only beaten one team that is currently ranked in the AP top 25 (Oklahoma) so they don’t have as many great wins as the other teams I mentioned. Other than their loss against Rutgers (where they didn’t have Frank Kaminsky or Traveon Jackson for the 2nd half) their losses aren’t bad at all. They lost to a very good duke team and they lost at 14th ranked Maryland, who only has one home loss this year which came against Virginia.

The case for Kansas

USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Kansas currently has an overall record of 23-6, obviously they have more losses than the other teams I have mentioned but to be fair they have played a tougher schedule. They have a lot of good wins for example, they beat Utah, they beat Baylor twice, they also beat Iowa State and Oklahoma. All those teams I just mentioned are currently ranked in the AP top 25. Other than Kansas State, KU doesn’t really have any bad losses.

The case for Villanova

USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Villanova currently has an overall record of 27-2, which is the best record of all the teams that I have mentioned. Villlanova has some good wins, for example they have beaten VCU and Butler twice. One of Villanovas losses was against Seton Hall, a team that probably won’t make the NCAA tournament. Villanovas other loss came on the road against a good Georgetown team.

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