White Sox Sign David Robertson: Trade for Jeff Samardzija

The Chicago White Sox have beefed up their pitching staff this week. The White Sox have signed long time New York Yankee and closer last season David Roberston to a 4 year 46 million dollar deal with the White Sox. Robertson shut the door 39 times for the Yankees last season with a 3.08 earned run average and 96 strikeouts in 64 innings of work.

The even bigger news for Chicago White Sox fans is when they woke up on Tuesday learning that there team traded for a top pitcher in the game in Jeff Samardzija to be paired with someone even better in Chris Sale. Samardzija joked about the trade:

“Being a Chicago guy, that’s one of the craziest things I’ve thought about,” Samardzija said Tuesday after Oakland dealt him to Chicago’s South Side. “I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Now, do I really have to go get my cleats on and go play for the Bears?’ If I could skate, maybe the Hawks. My jumper’s garbage, so the Bulls are out of the question.”

Samardzjia, who was traded to the Oakland Athletics from the Chicago Cubs posted a 2.99 earned run average with a 7-13 record and 202 strikeouts in 219.2 innings of work. The A’s will receive infielder Marcus Semien, right-hander Chris Bassitt, catcher Josh Phegley and first baseman Rangel Ravelo, and of course Chicago getting Samardzija.

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