Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III suffered a concussion in the Redskins 21-17 pre-season win over the Detroit Lions. The concussion was suffered on one of the many hits Griffin III took on a total of 8 drop backs last night. Redskins head coach Jay Gruden had the following to say on RGIII’s injury when asked about Griffin playing in the second quarter.

“We weren’t doing that well on offense. I wanted to try to get something going on offense. A lot of quarterbacks play into the second quarter in a preseason game. Football is a tough sport.”

Alright, let’s layout some of the facts about Griffin III and the Redskins. We all know that his health is very poor, and that he is very injury prone. You can make a legit argument that Griffin III brought the injuries upon himself due to not sliding and making poor decisions and having a bad offensive line and all that jazz, but it comes down to coaching for what has happened to Robert Griffin III, and what has happened to the Redskins along with last night.

Yes, that offensive line the Redskins showed us made me believe that they didn’t put one out there to block for Robert Griffin III. I would be in a different position this time if we were in the regular season and not the pre-season at the time. You can’t blame a coach for wanting to leave the quarterback he named the starter in a regular season game no matter how bad he is getting killed, but in the pre-season?

Would Mike McCarthy leave Aaron Rodgers out there getting killed in the pre-season? Would Chuck Pagano leave Andrew Luck out there? Would any coach leave their quarterback out there in the pre-season while he is getting killed? Especially one who was getting no help whatsoever, and who has had a living nightmare the last few years? I can’t put it into words.

Jay Gruden is still learning as a NFL coach. Hopefully, Griffin getting a concussion in the pre-season due to most likely being in the game to long, shows Gruden that you can’t make these type of mistakes in the pre-season, and you have to make sure you have personal in there that you know will block for him. Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy weren’t sacked once.

It seems like a big nightmare in Washington that they just can’t escape no matter what. A total and complete emotional disaster with no end in sight sadly.

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