Yankees Sign Andrew Miller

The New York Yankees have arrived at the free agent party at day 1 of the baseball Winter meetings. The Yankees have announced they have signed left-handed relief pitcher Andrew Miller to a 4 year 36 million dollar deal. Miller is one of the top relief pitchers in baseball and is one of the biggest additions to a team so far this off-season.

Miller, who started the year with the Boston Red Sox, was later traded at the MLB trading deadline to the Baltimore Orioles. Miller posted a 2.02 ERA with 1 save, 103 strikeouts, and 5-5 record between the two teams. Miller is one of two pitchers in MLB history to strikeout 100 plus batters and walk less then 20 hitters in a minimum of 65 innings pitched. The other being Craig Kimbrel back in 2012.

The Yankees Twitter offical page has confirmed the deal:

With the signing of Andrew Miller, it could mean the end for David Robertson with the New York Yankees.

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