The New York Mets had a very good month of August, and they are off to a good start in September. A lot of their success can be traced back to a guy they brought in on the last day of July: Yoenis Cespedes.

Cespedes was brought in by the Mets after the Carlos Gomez trade that would have sent Wilmer Flores and Zack Wheeler to the Brewers fell apart. Gomez is struggling with the Astros, but Cespedes is tearing the cover off the ball with the New York Mets, helping them take a five game lead over the Washington Nationals in the National League East.

That leaves Cespedes hitting .299 on the season with 31 home runs and 92 runs batted in between the Tigers and the Mets. If the Mets can get him to like New York, (which shouldn’t be that hard) and they give him the right amount of money, I’m sure he would be willing to stay.

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