NFL Suspends Steelers’ Martavis Bryant One-Year for Substance Abuse

Martavis Bryant will now unfortunately be categorized with guys like Josh Gordon, Justin Blackmon, and Daryl Washington, as the NFL has suspended the Steelers wideout for one full year.

Bryant was originally set to appeal the one-year suspension from the NFL, but clearly he chose not too. One of Bryant’s agents, Brian Fettner, per USA Today Sports let us know that Bryant is headed to rehab because the 24-year-old is dealing with depression.

“We’re all stunned, me included,” Fettner said. “We clearly miscalculated the issue. His isn’t a party issue. It’s a coping issue and a depression issue, and he’s got to take care of it.”

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert released the following statement regarding Bryant:

“We are very disappointed that Martavis Bryant has put himself in this current situation of being suspended by the League. He is at a crossroads of his professional life, and he needs to understand significant changes need to occur in his personal life if he wants to regain his career as a Pittsburgh Steeler. We are hopeful that Martavis will take the necessary steps to develop the discipline in his personal life to become a successful player and a good teammate.”
If you remember correctly, Bryant was suspended for the Steelers’ first four games last year due to substance abuse as well.
In December, Bryant will turn 25. In his first two NFL seasons, Bryant has played in 21 games, catching 17 touchdowns.
Hopefully for his own sake, Bryant will be able to come back strong and prove that he is a changed man. Depression is not something to take lightly, and maybe alongside Antonio Brown in 2017 he can help bring Pittsburgh another Super Bowl.

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